Get to know Aplexa

Aplexa is determined to set the standard for how app development should be in the modern day. That means better technologies, better customer communication, and better company culture.

Our mission

Aplexa’s story started with the creation of Aquro, our own app development platform that today is used by thousands of users around the globe.

Shortly following Aquro’s success, we became inundated with requests for turnkey development consulting. From this need, Aplexa was born as a consulting and partnership arm of the Aquro platform; we work with our own cutting edge tools to create modern mobile solutions.

Behind Aplexa is a skilled team of developers and designers, led by the Stockholm tech scene’s best and brightest.

Our Story

Every market eventually evolves, but for a high-tech industry like app development, it’s surprising how little innovation the field has seen in recent years.

Our mission is to re-imagine what app development should look like in the current day, applying new technologies – like our single-codebase system that allows us to develop for Android and iOS at the same time – to the mobile needs of our customers.

As we pursue our vision with determination, we look to grow into an industry leader, shaping the standard for years to come.